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An ongoing discussion about conservatism in New Jersey.
Planned Parenthood's Enabling of Child Abuse: Not an Isolated Incident
James D. Agresti  (February 5, 2011, 12:37 am)

In the wake of a sting video showing a New Jersey Planned Parenthood worker helping a "pimp" to maximize the output of his "14-year-old prostitutes," some media outlets (such as the New York Times) have written about this affair as though it happened in a vacuum. However, the public should know that Planned Parenthood has an extensive and distressing history of such actions. In addition to what is documented on the videotapes in the previous link, consider the following sickening details from Just Facts' research on abortion:

All 50 states have laws requiring that workers who interact with children in a professional capacity report suspected cases of child abuse. Also, in all 50 states, a sexual relationship between a 22-year-old man and a 13-year-old girl is illegal and explicitly defined as child abuse in the laws of most states.

In 2002, an organization called Life Dynamics phoned more than 800 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation abortion clinics and offices. In these calls, a woman from Life Dynamics told the workers at these facilities that she was 13-years-old, had been impregnated by her 22-year-old boyfriend, and wanted to get an abortion to hide the situation from her parents. In more than 90% of the phone calls, the Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation workers did not act to report the situation.

In fact, some of the workers encouraged the "13-year-old girl" to come in for the abortion and lie about the age of the person who impregnated her. Others told her that they were required to report the situation, but weren't going to do so. In states that have parental notification laws, some of the workers told the "girl" to find a person who was old enough to impersonate one of her parents and have them sign the required paperwork. In one state that requires a notarized signature from a parent, a worker told the "girl" that the facility had a notary public who would notarize a fraudulent signature for her.

This was all captured on tapes. Of course, when they were released, Planned Parenthood deployed the customary smokescreen that the tapes were deceptive. Yet, a Connecticut TV station scrutinized the full recordings of the CT locations and found that the dial tones recorded on the tapes matched the phone numbers of the facilities, the names of the people on the tapes matched the names of the workers at the facilities, and the content of the conversations matched what was reported by Life Dynamics.

Such sordid conduct by Planned Parenthood has implications that go beyond enabling grown men to prey on barely pubescent girls through "consensual" relationships. A study done by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2000 found that the incidence of forcible rape dramatically peaks at the ages of 14 and 15, as shown by this chart:

Thus, when 14-year-old statutory and forcible rape victims walk into Planned Parenthood for abortions, and the workers adopt a "hear no evil, see no evil" attitude, not only are they breaking the law, but they are empowering rapists. Disturbingly, we have hard evidence that pedophiles cart their victims to abortion clinics to cover their tracks.

It should also be recalled that in 2000, the NJ Supreme Court struck down a law requiring parental notification for minors undergoing abortions. Hence, a child of any age can now have an abortion in New Jersey without her parents’ knowledge. Contrastingly, it is against NJ law for anyone under 18 years of age to get a tattoo or body piercing without written consent from their parent or legal guardian. Talk about an absurd disconnect. Thus, the liberal jurists who struck down this law also have a hand in the plight of these young victims, as do the politicians who attempt to obstruct commonsense legal efforts to protect children from predators.