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An ongoing discussion about conservatism in New Jersey.
Privatize, Privatize, Privatize...
Christopher J. Obudho  (July 9, 2010, 9:56 am)

According to North, Governor Christie’s government reform commission, headed by former Congressman Dick Zimmer, has come up with some unique plans to shrink the size of government – good old privatization. Finally! After fighting the unions, the legislature and conventional wisdom about the role and scope of government, he finally got to the crux of the problem with New Jersey. Government services are too all-encompassing and vast. It’s time to scale back what government does and get back to a leaner, more efficient state government.

The commission is proposing using private sources to construct preschools, provide food services, run state parks and administer educational programs in prisons. The one privatization idea that will cause the angst is motor vehicle inspection. Everyone remembers that Parsons nightmare, so the Governor should tread carefully because that’s an easy target for attack on the whole privatization plan. He shouldn’t let those attacks scare him, but he should make sure that it’s done right.

For those who would attack him, they only need to look at the Ground Zero site and see what happens when government is running something, as opposed to the private sector. There’s a great video on YouTube by PajamasTV’s Steven Crowder that shows the still-open, still-under-construction pit at Ground Zero (9 years later) and then goes into World Trade Center Building 7, which has been rebuilt and is open for operation. Building 7 was reopened in MAY 2002, a mere 8 months after the attacks. Why is the government taking so long to rebuild ANYTHING at the Ground Zero site? I’m sure many of my colleagues could answer that question with both hands tied behind their backs.

Governor Christie is running roughshod over the entrenched interests in the state and it honestly feels pretty good to see him do so. It’s about time. Now we’re really going to get into a fight, but he must keep doing what’s right for the taxpayers. And hey, if he’s going to privatize things, what about tax collection? Cut our taxes substantially, then when we get our paychecks, we will go spend money and government will make more. Each taxpayer will be a private “tax” collector. Come on, New Jersey, you can trust us with our own money…