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An ongoing discussion about conservatism in New Jersey.
How far can volunteerism go with schools?
Peter C. Hansen  (June 2, 2010, 9:06 pm)

It seems that you are both comfortable with non-state solutions to education for low-income areas. I have no problem with this, but do have a question about implementation. Going back to what Derrell wrote earlier, how far can volunteerism go in education in poorer areas? It is no doubt possible that all the usual subjects (down to music and AP history) could be taught well. It may not be likely, however. As practical and moral matters, would state voters be willing to accept that a lesser level of learning may be all that is available in a low-income area?

Secondly, what specific legislative measures would you propose to maximize educational volunteerism and locality-driven education? Would specific tax breaks be useful, for example, or even state fund-matching or student-assessment assistance, perhaps? Should the state impose baselines, and then free educators from liability for failures above these baselines?